Reflective Analysis

Write a cover letter (350 words minimum) introducing your portfolio to an outside reader. While this reader was not in the class with us, they have seen the syllabus, and thus are aware of the general assignments and things we read: you do not need to summarize these aspects of the course. Instead, show how your portfolio items contribute towards meeting the objectives of this course. See the logistics page for these objectives.

Then, describe how the different skills used in this class (reading, researching, drafting, editing, composing, organizing, analyzing, documenting, proofreading, and writing in this course), as demonstrated in your portfolio, contribute to your ability to perform well in other courses or activities. You might think about such skills as developing critical thinking, recognizing good uses of logic and reasoning, knowing how to support claims with specific evidence, reading and analyzing texts, increasing awareness of audience, context, topic, purpose, or author, for example.

Approaches you should avoid:
• Writing one paragraph about each item in your portfolio.
• Making lots of good/bad evaluative claims about your writing with very few or no supporting examples.
• Talking about everything but the items in your portfolio.
• Writing a narrative about your ENG 102 class in general.

(This prompt is slightly adapted from the University of Georgia’s First-Year composition portfolio’s Introductory Reflective Essay. “First-year Composition: Portfolios.” English at UGA. Department of English, University of Georgia, n.d. Web. 20 May 2015)


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