Reflecting on the Course Thus Far

Write informally (hand-written or typed- this is not for a grade, but you will want to pop it in your Dropbox because you might want to refer back to it later) about the material and tasks we’ve covered recently in our class:

  • What organizing strategy have you chosen for your portfolio?
  • At what moment in the class thus far were you most engaged as a learner?
  • At what moment were you most distanced as a learner?
  • Record your observations about the pace and quality of the course and your role in it.
  • Have you made a contribution that made others think? When, and what was it?
  • Did someone else contribute something that made you think? Elaborate.
  • What do you plan on changing (or have you already changed) in your Blasted paper, based on the feedback you received on your poetry response?
  • Was the audio feedback/screencast helpful for feedback, or do you prefer written comments?
  • What are your goals for when we return from break?

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