For Thursday, March 19th – Responding to Poetry

Read all three poems from the schedule (T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men,” Lorca’s “Dawn,” and Yeats’s “The Second Coming”). Then –

I. Choose ONE of the three poems (whichever one strikes your fancy).

II. Read the poem twice more, once silently and once aloud. Hear the voice of the text and begin to form an oral interpretation.

III. Render parts of the text aloud with various purposes:

  • to gain a basic, clear understanding;
  • to reinforce what you take to be the author’s intended emphasis;
  • to dramatize the power of the text;
  • to exaggerate or parody the voice.

Bring in the following response (just as a free write, try to restrict your written response time to 5 minutes): What did you notice about the different readings? What questions do you have now about the poem?

This free write is in place of a double-entry response.

(Assignment adapted from Lynn Hammond, “Using Focused Freewriting to Promote Critical Thinking.”)


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