Reminders for Monday, March 16th

Thanks for your biopoems today, I look forward to reading them! Come ready to discuss/defend your choices from the biopoems on Monday, when we’ll talk more in depth about Octavia Butler’s “Speech Sounds.”

If you are pressed for time, read only chapter 5, “The End of the Future,” of Gwendolyn Foster’s Hoarders, Doomsday Preppers, and the Culture of Apocalypse. Both chapter 4 (“Embracing the Apocalypse”) and 5 are in your course packet, but focus on chapter 5 if you have to pick just one for our Monday meeting. Create a couple double entry notebook entries on the Foster chapter(s) as well.

Make sure you download Camscanner and the Dropbox app for our Monday class: we’ll go over how to upload informal writing (like your double-entry notebooks) to Dropbox as possible portfolio artifacts.

You need to check our syllabus/schedule on this site regularly to make sure you know what is due.





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