Writing & Literature Major at LaGuardia

Do you enjoy reading and writing about literature?  Would you like improve your analytical skills, strengthen your vocabulary, and become an exceptional writer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider majoring in Writing and Literature. LAGCC’s Writing and Literature Major provides a strong foundation for rigorous academic work, while preparing you to succeed at a four-year college and a diverse range of professional opportunities, such as advertising, broadcasting, business, film, law, and politics, among others.  Higher Education is about expanding your horizons, developing your intellect, and finding your voice. Majoring in Writing and Literature will allow you to accomplish all of this – while engaging with novels, poetry, drama, and more!  Note: all the courses you take as a Writing and Literature major will transfer to the English major at John Jay and Queens College. For more information, contact Program Director Michelle Pacht at mpacht@lagcc.cuny.edu.


What is this forum for?

This blog will serve as a space for announcements, discussion, and for posting links to your work to share with the class (your final project, for instance). You could post images or videos that relate to class discussions, or questions for the class as a whole. You might be asked to post discussion questions or insights generated from your double-entry notebooks here as well. Blog posts that let us continue a discussion further out of class will be assigned on occasion. Remember that this is a public space: anyone could stop by and read what we post here.